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Elite Performance Sports Consultancy was started by Director Craig McGinlay. The main objective of EP Sports Consultancy was to provide back room staff support for elite athletes or athletes who have the ambition to perform at the elite level.

Director Craig McGinlay explains ‘A driving factor as to why I wanted to set up E.P. was that there are so many athletes out there who do not know how to take their training to the next stage. With the support of the back room staff at EP Sports Consultancy. in the form of Nutritionists, Psychologists, Sports Scientists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Fitness Coaches, Biomechanics Coaches, Physiotherapists, we can help any athlete strive to achieve their goals and objectives.’

Craig has experience of working with many athletes from Premier League Football and Rugby at Club Level and also both sports at International Level. Furthermore, he has further experience of working with Commonwealth and Olympic Games athletes in a wide variety of disciplines such as Hockey, Badminton, Swimming, Shooting, and more. When working for the Scottish Institute of Sport he was able to gain experience in working with Paralympic athletes in sports such as Cycling, Curling, Rugby, and more.

EP gives any athlete the 100% attention to detail. One to one Consultations, Physiological Testing, and Intervention Strategies provide the perfect solutions to athletes who wish to perform at the elite level in their acquired sport. Specialist help from staff at EP ensures every athlete is prepared for their match or competition day so they can perform like the elite. Physical, Nutritional, and Psychological preparation provided by EP gives athletes an edge like no other.

EP Sports Consultancy is fully committed to providing excellence in sport for athletes. All EP asks for in return is that you commit to your ambitions and through drive, dedication, and determination your dream can be realised as an elite performer.

A Performance is not enough…Elite Performance is everything.

Conferences/ Workshops

Since 2012, EP Sports Consultancy has been delivering Performance Conferences and Workshops for people working and competing in the professional/ elite industry. EP Sports Consultancy is highly focused in empowering athletes, coaches, managers, as well as back room staff such as sports scientists, strength & conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, biomechanics coaches, psychologists, nutritionists and more at various levels in sport from amateur and youth academy level to full time professional adults. EP Sports Consultancy Conferences have grown massively from strength to strength in the last year since their beginning.

Therefore, EP Sports Consultancy is dedicated towards generating knowledge from professionals who have applied experience in the sports industry of working with athletes and clubs. Some of the Conferences delivered so far include ‘The Role of Nutrition in Elite Level Sport’, ‘The Importance of Recovery Strategies in Elite Level Sport’, ‘The Importance of Injury Prevention to Meet Elite Level Demands’, ‘The Essentials of Periodisation and Strength & Conditioning’, ‘The Role of Sports Psychology’, and more. EP Sports Consultancy deliver Conferences primarily up and down the UK, however have delivered for UEFA Pro Football Conference in Finland.

All speakers are of the highest standard having had experience of working with athletes and clubs in the likes of professional football and rugby, and full time Elite level Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes.

Next Conference/ Workshop

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Susan Hughes (GB Badminton, Commonwealth Delhi 2010, Olympics London 2012, Singles)

‘I really enjoyed doing sessions with Craig. The fact that he knows about a lot of different aspects of training is really important because, particularly for badminton, you need to work on a lot of different areas in training so everything he gave me to do was relevant and sport specific. Also, the fact that he’s played sport at a high level himself means he appreciates what it takes to be an elite athlete and always explained the reasoning behind everything he set for me to do and in what areas it would help me improve.’

David Scott (Professional rugby league player, former Scotland rugby union internationalist, currently playing professional rugby league with Hull K.R., 10/ Stand off)

‘I worked with Craig from May 2009 until September 2010. During this time Craig was a great strengthening and conditioning coach. He had an in-depth knowledge of the required technique, loading and repetitions for a wide range of gym exercises. Not only was Craig able to judge this for me, but for at least another 10 boys on a similar programme to me. Craig was exceptional at making sure
each boy in the session was given the same amount of contact time whilst ensuring their safety within the gym environment and no favouritism was shown.Craig was approachable, reliable, flexible, organised and always on time. If ever I had a problem or query, he was able to resolve it straight away. If ever I was unable to
attend a session he would more than happily re-arrange one for me. I also did a lot of one to one sessions with Craig which he offered, during which I was able to learn and improve at a rapid rate. He also helped with my fitness levels by providing extra speed and fitness sessions.Craig conducted testing each month in order to for me to continue improving. He also had a meeting with me once a month to discuss my progress, nutrition plan as well as
my long and short term goals. Outside of the gym environment he would also help my performance on the pitch by offering hints and tips which made me a better player. Whenever he had the
opportunity he would attend one of my games to observe my performance and where I could improve.

I really enjoyed working with Craig and he trained me to a very high level. I am now a professional sportsperson and I believe Craig is one of the people who helped me to reach this potential, which says it all.’

Graeme Smith (Professional football player, former European Cup Finalist 2007 with Glasgow Rangers F.C., Goalkeeper)

‘I had the pleasure of working alongside Craig McGinlay for twelve months whilst employed by St. Mirren Football Club and his professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. His individual Strength and Conditioning plans, nutrition and meal layouts for both on and off season, supplement advice and motivation were and still are key to me achieving and maintaining my strength and fitness goals.’

Stephen Thompson (Scotland Internationalist professional football player, formerly Glasgow Rangers, and English Premiership Football with Cardiff and Burnley F.C.’s)

‘Due to Craig’s vast knowledge of sport, nutrition, and supplements he introduced me to Beet It and Cherry Active drinks which I now use on a daily basis and value as a very important part of my recovery and match preparations.’

Fraser Watt (Scotland U-20 rugby player, Front row/ Prop)

‘Craig helped a lot with lifting techniques which in the long run has reduced my injuries. Craig also informed me about my nutrition and protein intake and I still follow his instructions now.’

Mark Lamont (Professional football player, St. Mirren F.C., Winger)

‘The gym and diet programmes Craig gave me worked and there were dramatic improvements in athleticism and performances on the pitch.’

Peter Bradley (Professional football player with Queens Park F.C., Defender)

‘I liked the way it was Do as I do and not Do as I Say. I think that is always an important thing with a Sports Scientist. Also I liked the individual work he did for me with Speed work, learning how it’s quality of runs that is done, not quantity!!’

Craig Samson (Professional football player, National Team, Scotland, Goalkeeper)

‘I had the pleasure of working with Craig when he was Sports Scientist at St. Mirren Football Club. When he was in this position he passed on huge amounts of knowledge onto myself in diet and nutrition which allowed me to have a balanced diet to keep my weight to its optimum performance weight while still having energy storage to perform to my highest standards. Craig also had a massive influence on my strength programme. He was particularly good in a one to one situation working with me to build the strength in my core and power work. Without Craig’s knowledge and expertise I would not have known the way forward in getting my squatting program in place which as a goalkeeper has massively helped with my spring, jumping and all over body power.’

Darren McGregor (Professional football player, Player of the Year St. Mirren F.C.2011, Central Defender)

‘Craigy helped with strengthening my leg after my A.C.L. rupture’

Hugh Murray (Professional football player, former St. Mirren F.C. Legend possessing the most caps for St. Mirren F.C. in the clubs history, current Partick Thistle F.C. Captain, Central Midfielder)

‘I had the pleasure of working with Craig McGinlay at St. Mirren F.C. He is an excellent fitness coach and his dedication and professionalism in the job is second to none. Craig spends a lot of his time preparing individual training programmes to suit each players needs and his advice on nutrition and diet is very knowledgeable and beneficial to

Lee Mair (Professional football player, former Aberdeen and Dundee F.C.’s, currently St. Mirren F.C. Vice Captain, Central Defender)

‘Craig’s knowledge…I worked with Craig last year for the whole year. Personally, that year turned out to be the best year of my footballing career to date (Winning Supporters Player of the Year). It is the strongest and fittest I’ve been in my 14 year footballing career so far. Everyday he’d have different, enjoyable exercises for me to do both in and out of the gym. I realise that my career is coming to an end in the coming years and I’m still in contact with Craig regularly to help me play at the highest level for as long as possible. My only regret is that I never met someone with Craig’s knowledge earlier in my career.’

Patrick Cregg (Professional football player, former Arsenal, Bury, Hibernian F.C.’s, currently at St. Johnstone F.C., Central Midfielder)

‘I have been a pro football player since the age of 17 and have had spells in England and Scotland with Arsenal , Bury, Hibs, and St. Mirren where I worked under Craig, for me he is the best at his job I have come across as his knowledge and enthusiasm is unrivalled I still call him for advice as he is a genuine guy who wants to see you
better yourself.’

Graeme Morrisson (Professional rugby player, Glasgow Warriors R.F.C. andScotland, 12/ Inside Centre)

‘We used to do our weights and conditioning at the Palace of Art in Glasgow, where Craig McGinlay worked with us. The knowledge and enthusiasm that he brought to the sessions, along with his professional attitude towards improving the players, made him a pleasure to work with.’

Gary Teale former Premiership Football Player with Derby and Sheffield Wednesday F.C., and Scotland Internationalist, Forward

‘After working with several different sports scientists over the years I can safely say that after working with Craig over the last year or so my insight and knowledge in this field is vastly improved, not only this but his passion and enthusiasm transfers over to you in his sessions.’

Aidan McCall- Hagen Scotland U- 19 rugby player, Winger

‘Craig keeps you motivated from the moment you enter the gym until you leave. He has great advice when it comes to training and diet willing you to push harder. Easily the best Strength & Conditioning Coach I have had from 4 years in the Scottish Rugby Union programme.’

Graham Carey former Celtic professional football player, Forward

‘Craig helped me a lot in terms of getting me into shape and getting me back on track physically as well as mentally.’

Sean Lynch Airdrie professional football player, Midfielder

‘ Craig is outstanding in his discipline in terms of knowledge and ability to transfer this knowledge into action.He really understands an athletes needs and the complexities of maintaining high levels of performance. He was able to evaluate the areas I required developed and in a short period of time was able to improve these drastically. His ability to achieve results is top class.’

Hugh Murray most capped player in St. Mirren F.C. history, current Partick Thistle F.C. captain professional football player, Midfielder

‘I had the pleasure of working with Craig McGinlay at St. Mirren F.C. He is an excellent fitness coach and his dedication and professionalism in the job is second to none. Craig spends a lot of his time preparing individual training programmes to suit each players needs and his advice on nutrition and diet is very knowledgeable and beneficial to players.’

Kieran Dorrans Scotland Internationalist U-17, professional football player, Winger

‘Craig’s Strength & Conditioning work is both very effective and enjoyable. I gained very helpful nutritional knowledge through the work I did with Craig.’

Jon Scullion, Professional Football Player,St. Mirren First team, Striker

I did Strength and Conditioning with Craig McGinlay. We did exercises such as back squat and box jumps whicj helped to improve my jumping for headers and speed on the pitch. He also helped me with my weight management by providing me with dietary and nutritional advice. Craig helped me to return from injury. The upper body weights sessions I did with Craig helped me to be strong on the pitch.’

David Van Zanten, Professional Football Player, formerly with Celtic F.C., Hibs F.C, Defender

‘Craig’s knowledge, experience and skills within Strength and Conditioning and Sports Science are top class. Thanks to his dedication and professionalism he improved my performance considerably. Great guy too and a pleasure to work with.’


Craig McGinlay, featured in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Brand Launch Film, worked with various athletes in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 in disciplines such as Hockey, Badminton, Swimming, Shooting, and many others.