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EP Movie Consultancy

Craig McGinlay & Seoras Wallace have teamed up to form Movie Consultancy for actors worldwide who are looking to gain the acquired skills for choreographed on screen fight training.

Craig McGinlay

The Fairy Flag
‘Without doubt Craig McGinlay’s fighting skills must rank as one of the best I have seen in over twenty years filming and that has been with some of the best guys in the world. You inspired all the combat crews to new heights. Amazing professionalism and delivery. An honour to have trained with yie. Slainte ae Seoras’
Seoras Wallace, Expert Film Fight Choreographer

Seoras Wallace

As an author, historical consultant and fight director with a successful career spanning three decades in the film, television and media industries, Seoras has worked alongside many of the most famous, talented and recognised people in the industry on award-wining productions such as: Braveheart, We Were Soldiers, Gladiator, Highlander and Saving Private Ryan.

As a Scottish martial arts champion and sword-master, his introduction to film-making began as a fight and weaponry stuntman on the in 1986 film Highlander, in which he was highly commended by the film’s director, Russell Mulcahy. He quickly gathered an unrivalled reputation, becoming the first choice of movie makers and producers seeking reliable historical consultancy, training and choreography for their major fight scenes.

Commissions worldwide led to work on hundreds of productions including features such as Chasing the Deer, The Bruce, Macbeth, Merlin, King Arthur, and King Lear, as well as productions for:

The History Channel, Discovery Network, NBC, BBC and STV, including many other national and international film, documentary and production companies.

He has perhaps been most closely associated with the Oscar-winning film Braveheart. From the project’s inception he worked in collaboration with the film’s screenwriter, Randall Wallace, to provide continued consultancy, support, advice, film crew, assistant directors, actors and stunt teams, culminating in the honour of being mentioned at the world famous Academy Award ceremonies for his contribution to the film’s success.

He also produced the emotive central soundtrack, ‘Sgt MacKenzie,’ for the film Once We Were Young 
by Mel Gibson.


“Our Experience working with Seoras Wallace, has been nothing but positive. He has been an efficient, hardworking and most of all, trustworthy addition to our team, his willingness to participate and contribute is second only to his work ethic, Seoras would be an asset to any production and we could not recommend Seoras Wallace more highly”

Mel Gibson, Icon Productions.

“The reason we got you Seoras Wallace, your fight crews and your guys in the production team, is your reputation for adding a realistic dimension and influence on films of this genre is outstanding…..and we were right !”

Stephen Spielberg / Ridley Scott

For more information contact Craig on craig@epsportsconsultancy.co.uk